It is a holistic system channelling the flow of energy within the body to dissolve blockages and promote the body’s own self-healing on all levels to restore balance & harmony to the person’s emotions, body, mind, & spirit.

Combined with Reiki the treatment clears and releases blocked energy, bringing balance and healing to the body.

 Ideally you will send a photo, your location in the world and what your expectations and intentions are for the Reiki healing. Is there anything in particular you would like to work on.

It is a wonderful way to cleanse and clear and reset the energy in your home or office space. It revives and purifies the energy, leaving it light and vibrant. Such rituals have taken place for centuries, healing a person and or space.

By cutting the energetic cord you release energies and heals and purify any weakened areas in your energetic field.

Strawberry Moon Holistic

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