The Golden Elemental Earth Healing Energy

Reiki Level 2 Course

Reiki Level 2 is open to all those who have completed their Reiki Level 1.

Includes advanced Reiki Practitioner Training.

For those of you who wish to become attuned and initiated to the second degree of Reiki you will further your connection and awareness to your own inner healing power. Continuing on your personal healing journey you will unlock and deepen your knowledge and experience of the Reiki energy. During this course you will continue to learn and practice self-healing and to give Reiki Treatments to others.

LEVEL 2 REIKI TRAINING will enable you to continue with your self-healing, treat your friends and family while building your self-confidence. This reiki training is run over 2 days in a group setting. One to one course is also available.

Many students will learn Level 2 for their own benefit and to continue their Reiki journey, others will look to practicing professionally and this level is officially required to do this.


  • Revision of Reiki Level 1
  • The history of Reiki; Cleanse & Heal the aura; Heal & Balance the Chakras; revise all hand positions for giving and receiving Reiki Treatment
  • Sharing with each other your experience of Reiki Level 1 Attunement and experience of self-healing and using Reiki on family and friends
  • Mindfulness techniques, meditation and visualization and how to incorporate into our daily into our lives
  • Reiki Attunement to Reiki level 2 and spiritual Initiation
  • Sharing of experiences of Attunement/Initiations and questions arising Learning the importance of self-care, protection and grounding of yourself
  • Revise and expand your learning to scan and balance the Chakras and how the connect to each other
  • Mental and emotional clearances
  • Teaching the Reiki Sacred Symbols and their Mantras
  • Practice how to use the Reiki Symbols on each other
  • Teaching and practice of Reiki using the chair and plinth for Reiki Treatments using hand positions and Reiki Symbols
  • Each student will practice giving and receiving Reiki Treatment using Reiki SymbolsSharing with each other your experience of today’s learning and answer questions
  • Short introduction to the following levels of Reiki
  • Channelling and using Reiki in your everyday life – Students set personal goals
  • Explanation and practice of Distant Healing Treatments. A beautiful gift you receive with this Attunement. You will practice sending distant healing to other students, your family and friends that are not physically with you. Sending healing to the past, present and future events
  • Relook at the importance of self-care, protection and grounding of yourself
  • Room cleansing, clearing and protection to create a safe sacred space to work from

Running a Reiki Business

  • Overview of running a successful Reiki Business
  • The significance and of Client Consultation Forms and how to complete
  • Best practice and guidelines on how to deal with Reiki clients
  • Reiki Federation of Ireland require Professional Reiki Practitioners to hold the Advanced Reiki Practitioner Qualification in order to be registered with them as a Professional Practitioner, this is an additional 2 Day Advanced Reiki Practitioner Course
  • Instruction on completing Reiki Federation of Ireland Registration Form
  • Give and receive Reiki Treatment, practice chair and plinth techniques
  • Sharing with each other your experience of today’s learning and answer questions




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Date: TBC
Time: 10am – 5.00pm
Investment: €295 (Revise/repeat €200)
Deposit: to reserve course place: €100
Venue: TBC Dublin

Note: Should you have any special requirements please get in touch with us to discuss prior to booking. You must have completed in person training and be qualified in Reiki Level 1. For those revising we do not accept online reiki qualifications.

When a student completes their Reiki Level 2 course they may further their Reiki training with the next step Reiki Level 3

Course Information: Reiki Level 2

Arrive on time

Clothing: wear loose clothing that you are comfortable in. You will be sitting, standing and lying on a plinth. We will ask you to remove shoes, however you can wear slippers or warm socks. During Reiki practice you will need to remove anything restrictive.

Facilitated by: Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Fee: Deposit secures your place, balance due 1 week prior to course date.

Electronic Devices: All devices must be turned to silent for the duration and at times they will be turned off.

Refreshments: You can bring your own bottle. There will be light refreshments available.

Important: You cannot take photos or videos or recordings without our prior written consent.

This reiki training is run over 2 days in a group setting.
One to one course is also available.