Cleanse your home or office space with our cleansing smudge pack. 



Using scented smoke in ceremonial acts, customs and rites of purification is a traditional practice commonly used in cultures worldwide. Smudging is a long held tradition to cleanse and purify the air, aura and energy fields from unwanted negative energies from a person or space, restoring calm. It is also used to clear and cleanse objects. We smudge with the smoke from burning smudge sticks, incense, sacred herbs or lovely sacred woods. The smoke has a strong, pleasant aroma which lingers for a while. This pack has everything you need for this ceremony. 

  • x1 Polished Abalone Shell c12cm 
  • x1 Wooden Cobra Tripod Stand 4in 
  • x10  Quick Light Charcoal Disc 
  • x1 Californian Sage Smudge Stick 4 in Torch 
  • x1 Palo Santo Wood Stick 4 in 
  • x1 Smudging Feather 
  • x1 Copal Resin 25 gm 
  • x1 Christmas Fragrant Oil 
  • information leaflet.   


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