What is this

It is a wonderful way to cleanse and clear and reset the energy in your home or office space. It revives and purifies the energy, leaving it light and vibrant. Such rituals have taken place for centuries, healing a person and or space.

house space cleanse smudge crystal

Your home should be your safe space, where you feel relaxed, happy and content. Therefore it’s important to regularly cleanse and clear away these stagnant energies. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

Sometimes a gradual build-up of negative energy will happen over weeks or even months and take up residence in your home or office areas.

There are many reasons this happens, for instance an illness, stress, relationships, arguments, grief, trauma, work. Naturally you can see dust and dirt as you clean it a way, however negative energy is a little different to see, although you have probably got a strange feeling when you entered a building, a heavy dark feeling, that’s negative energy.

This energy accumulates in your living and working space. It surrounds and sticks itself to furniture, objects, hides in drawers, cupboards, it loves toilets, and it moves everywhere.

If you don’t clear it will affect the atmosphere in the home and office, affecting people’s moods, even health. So shifting this energy is a lovely way to raise vibrations, leaving the space clear, light and invigorated.

When to Cleanse and Clear

Here are some occasions when people will ask us to carry out a House Cleansing Ritual for them.

  • Looking for a fresh start. Starting a new project, a new venture or adventure.
  • After personal or professional difficulties.
  • After and or during an illness.
  • Relationship issues.
  • Grieving, loss, separation.
  • Trying to sell your home. Moving into a new home. Clear the previous residents’ energies.
  • Having problems sleeping.
  • Poor air quality. Respiratory issues. Headaches.
  • For all those special occasions. Christmas & New Year. Before baby arrives. Special birthdays and celebrations.
  • Clearing electromagnetics that are flowing from all our electronics.
house space clear cleanse smudge blessing

The ritual includes cleanse and clear, smudging, sound healing, and filling the space with Reiki energy. Finally, it is followed by activating a powerful protective crystal grid.

The cost is based on the space size, number of rooms and where you are located.

Booking Space Clearing and Cleansing